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Motorola Q

One of the best smartphones on the market, the Motorola Q phone is the latest in the impressive lineup of Motorola quality phones. It could be argued that the “Q” stands for Quality, which is the trademark of this tried and true, well-known and well-respected brand. Motorola has been around awhile, but this latest “Q” issue is as new and exciting as they come!

For example: the Motorola Q phone is the thinnest and most lightweight phone ever. Fifty percent thinner than its top rivals, at 11.5 millimeters, the MQ is a must-have with its electro-luminescent keys, full QWERTY keypad and easy-to-use, 5-way navigational button and thumb wheel for simple, one-handed use. An internal antenna just adds to the convenience of this sweet little phone.

The only thing BIG about this little phone is the large, high-resolution, vibrant color display screen of 320x240 pixels, 65K TFT. This screen makes surfing the web on this pocket smartphone, nothing but a breeze! Wherever you are, compatibility with a variety of ISPs allows you easy access to your e-mail, your calendar and your contacts. This amazing phone, an easy winner in any smartphones review, supports MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat, among others. It integrates easily with all current IT systems for enhanced IT support. And finally, it keeps passwords secure to protect network security. And, as if all these features were not enough, this wonder phone uses the ever-popular Micro Soft ® Windows Mobile 5.0 technology and combines it with brand-new, innovative technology from Exchange 2003, to create cost-effective mobile-messaging support for every smart q phone user.

Bored? Want some diversion? Then check this out! The new moto q comes fully loaded with an MP3 stereo audio player which supports many other music-platforms such as: iMelody, MIDI, AAC, WAV, WMA, WAX and QCELP. For video capabilities, consider a 1.3 mega-pixel camera complete with photo lighting capabilities and fully supported by the full media experience that Windows Media Player Mobile provides. Image support is provided in the following formats: GIF87a, GIF89a, JPEG, WBMP, BMP, PNG and video support is provided in the following formats: H.263, MPEG-4, GSM-AMR, AAC and WMV. This pocket smartphone also comes equipped with a mini-SD removable memory card slot.

For video clip capture and playback; choose connectivity via Bluetooth ®, or IrDA, with access using a mini-USB, which is compatible with Motorola H500, HT820, H5, H600 and H700 Bluetooth wireless headsets. This new moto q allows you to add Bluetooth(R) - enhanced accessories like RAZRWIRE eye-wear, (optional), which just completes the picture!

In addition, the new moto q offers clear, stereo-quality speakers in its speakerphone, voice-activated calling, advanced speech recognition, PIM functionality with Picture Caller ID and wireless Bluetooth availability....all of which are designed to promote safe and hands-free operation to help you stay focused in every aspect of your busy lifestyle.

Motorola invented the cell phone and now their flagship technology takes first place once more, by offering you the best phone and voice experience you can get in a cell phone. Whether it's verbal communication, text/e-mail communication, instant messaging, multi-media messaging, organizing files, appointments, contacts, surfing the Internet, taking pictures, listening to music or anything else, this top smartphone can do it all. This is one of the best smart phones money can buy. Consider this your “office-in-a-box” phone!