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LG VX5400 (Verizon Wireless)

 In a world full of high-tech phones where touch screens, mp3 players, and computer-like performance dominate the market, there still remains a niche for a basic phone capable of simply making calls, enter the LG VX5400. This is a phone LG says combines “essential functionality and all the fun of wireless.” Leaving all the bells and whistles for LG’s high end phones such as the Shine or Voyager, the LG VX5400 combines the most basic phone features with a VGA camera, Bluetooth, and voice-command support to offer a simple yet competent phone.

Beginning with the design of the VX 5400, it is quite obvious LG wanted to create a user friendly and functional device, and in this regard they most definitely succeeded. Weighing in at 3.2 ounces and measuring in at a petite 3.5x1.9x0.9 inches, the VX5400 has a very comfortable feel in the hand, and travels well because of its small size and light weight. Though many basic phones at this price point leave much to be desired in terms of style, surprisingly the LG VX 5400 has a fresh and appealing look for such an affordable and simple phone.

The clamshell design has a subtle round shape, neutral black and grey color scheme, and a mirror like finish on the front ala the LG Shine. Beneath this mirror like face lies a 1.04 inch color external display, which is not visible until a button is pressed or call received. The external screen offers basic functions such as time, date, battery life and signal strength, as well as a customizable wallpaper and photo caller ID. The LG 5400 also has several external shortcut buttons, including a volume rocker button on the left, with a camera button and voice-command hot key flanking the right side of the phone.

Opening up the VX 5400 reveals a large keypad and a surprisingly large internal display. The 1.77 inch TFT screen supports 262,000 colors, and users note that the display has a crisp and bright look to it. Supporting the large and easy-to-use keypad is a simple arrangement of navigation keys, starting with a circular toggle button in the middle, with 2 soft keys on each side for easy access to the user’s contact list and the main phone menu. The phone’s button arrangement is rounded out by a clear key, a central OK key, a speakerphone key, and talk / end keys.

The LG VX 5400 offers basic features that help create a very functional and easy-to-use phone. The phone comes equipped with a standard list of essential functions such as a 1,000 person contact list, alarm, calendar, world clock, notepad, calculator and a 1-touch speakerphone. Adding to this basic mix, the LG 5400 comes equipped with some more advanced features such as Bluetooth capability, a mobile internet browser, voice-command and recording, and mobile email support. Of course the phone is TXT and PIX messaging capable, and with the built-in GPS radio Verizon users can use the provider’s VZ Navigator turn-by-turn navigation and VZ Parent-Child Locator services as well.

If used for its intended purpose as a basic phone, the VX5400 performance can be admired. Perhaps the phones greatest characteristic is its excellent reception and call quality. This attribute, combined with the easy-to-use nature of this phone make it an excellent choice for the basic user. User opinions also hale the overall compact design, durability of the phone and battery life, which is rated at over 16 days standby and 4.66 hours talk time.

Unfortunately, when the phone is used for more advanced functions, the phone seems to fall short. The 0.3 megapixel VGA camera has poor quality with washed out and blurry images and an orange hue to all pictures taken.

Make no mistake about it, the VX 5400 is a simple phone. But with a surprisingly stylish design, easy-to-use functions, and notable call quality, the phone excels at what it was intended for.


            LG VX5400 (Verizon Wireless)

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