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LG VX8560 Black - Chocolate 3 (Verizon Wireless) 

The VX8560 LG Chocolate phones are the latest entries into the hotly contested midrange music phone category. This 3rd generation of the Chocolate line is fresh from the ground up, leaving no visual connection with its predecessors. The LG Chocolate cell phone line has epitomized LG’s recent surge of fashion forward phones, and may be considered the brand’s most iconic phone to date. LG had a tough task trying to better the Chocolate 2 VX8550, as it earned high praises and set the benchmark for music phones of the time. Yet many qualities that made the older Chocolate models so appealing still have found their way into the new Chocolate 3, albeit on a completely different designed phone.

In an effort to attract more users, LG ditched the notoriously fragile slider design of the previous 2 models, and instead went with a more durable clamshell design. It is interesting to note that with the LG Chocolate cell phone models being a decidedly stylish line of phones, LG’s decision to make the newest LG Chocolate phone a clamshell does indeed take some of the flair out of the phone, though it surely is more functional now. The Chocolate 3 is a slim and light phone (3.3 ounces), but broad by today’s standards measuring in at 3.9” H by 1.9” W by 0.6” D. LG does earn style points by implementing a shiny mirror-like black color scheme to the front.

A large 1.76” full color screen on the exterior of this flip phone displays the typical time, date, caller id, battery, and signal strength data. In addition to this, a exterior scroll wheel helps navigate a small menu of options, so that the camera, My Pictures and My Music folders, message in-box, and calendar functions can all be selected without opening the phone. The scroll wheel works flawlessly, and no touch sensitive button appear in this generation of the LG Chocolate cell phones, which is most definitely a good thing as they were very frustrating to use in the previous Chocolate models.

The left spine of the Chocolate 3 has the standard volume rocker, a voice command key, charger input, and a 3.5mm (yes 3.5mm!) headphone jack so that any standard headphones will work. The right side houses the microSD memory card slot and the keylock button.

Flipping open the phone reveals a 2.2” 262,000 color screen that is the highlight of the latest LG Chocolate phone. The display is crisp and sharp, and an attractive menu interface only compliments the beautiful display. Underneath the screen is a an array of navigation button, with a central toggle / OK button, 2 soft keys, Send and End call keys, and dedicated speakerphone and camera keys.

Starting with the basics, the LG Chocolate phones come with the standard arsenal of a 1,000 contact phone book, speakerphone, TXT + PIC messaging, voice dialing, calendar, alarm, calculator, stopwatch, world clock, and a notepad. Though not intended for heavy mobile business use, the Chocolate 3 still comes equipped with a mobile web browser, instant messaging and mobile email, USB mass storage capability, and the ability to support many Bluetooth applications. As a Verizon phone, it also includes the providers VZ Navigator mobile turn-by-turn GPS navigation system and VCast services.

Designed first and foremost as a music phone, the Chocolate comes armed with powerful multimedia options. The straightforward playback menu has shuffle, repeat, six equalizer presets, and a music-only mode where the phone may be turned off and used for music purposes only. More advanced features include the ability for user created and managed playlists, and a color cursor that will interact with the rhythm of the music to give some visual stimulation while listening to your favorite tunes. Another great feature is the built-in FM transmitter, so that the phone may be used to transmit music through any FM radio on 3 preset FM bands. The music player supports virtually all music files and all phone features can be used without disrupting music playback.

Music quality out of the speakers is decent, with clear mid and high ranges and a surprisingly loud output, but lacking in bass. One nice touch is that the 3.5mm speaker jack allows any good pair of headphones to plug in without adapters and will solve any sound issues.

Adding to the multimedia experience, the Chocolate 3 menu interface is very customizable, and comes loaded with a plethora of wallpapers, images, sounds, and themes to cater to your likening. No games are preloaded, but users may download them via the web.

The LG Chocolate cell phone has a 2.0 megapixel camera mounted on the exterior of the phone, and overall it takes satisfactory pictures. With 4 different resolutions, 5 white balance settings, 5 color modes, and different brightness settings, the Chocolate 3’s images are sharp and clear, but lack in color reproduction resulting in a washed out picture. The Chocolate 3 also has video recording capability.

Though it is a music phone and has plenty of multimedia features, when you get down to it this device is still a phone and LG did not forget this. Call quality is very good, as users note excellent sound that was clear and static free. Speakerphone sound is hollow, but the microphone works well as callers on the other end of the line note they can hear voices very well with the Chocolate 3.

In a world of amazing phones, the Chocolate 3 stands out because it is very music friendly, has excellent call quality, and has a nice balance of fashion and function, all at an affordable price.

The LG Chocolate has rated battery times of 4.5 hours talk and 14.5 days standby out of an 800 mAh Li Ion battery.

        LG VX8560 Black - Chocolate 3 (Verizon Wireless)

The LG Chocolate 3