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Meet the HTC phone, one of the best smart phones on the market today. Less than a decade ago, mobile phones were thought as a convenience and used for nothing more than a simple phone call.

Flash forward to the current cell phone market, where computer-like performance is considered a necessity and style and function must blend together seamlessly. The HTC Touch smartphone is the company’s newest venture into today’s high tech cell phone game. As the name implies, the HTC cell phone is indeed a touch screen device which incorporates the phone’s most unique feature, TouchFlo, a user interface that allows finger gestures to control much of the phone’s applications. Add into the mix a very stylish yet petite design and a 2.0 megapixel camera, and the HTC phone becomes a very worthy opponent to the iPhone and other similar touch devices.

Beginning with the design, it is immediately apparent how small the HTC cell phone is for a pocket smartphone. Measuring in at only 3.93 x 2.28 x 0.55 inches, the phone is one of the smallest PDA’s on the market. Couple this with its light weight (3.95 ounces) and this top smartphone becomes an extremely travel-friendly phone. The sleek and sexy demeanor of the phone is complimented by its rubbery soft-touch finish and curvy design. For color choice, the HTC PDA phones come in soft black, wasabi green, white and burgundy.

The exterior of these top rated smartphones is dominated by the imposing 2.8” TFT touch screen, surrounded only by a small 5-way navigation button below the screen and 2 Windows soft keys. Keeping with the minimalist and stylish design, the only other buttons to be found include a power button up top and a camera and volume rocker flanking the sides. The 2.8” screen is capable of 65,000 colors and has a bright and sharp appearance.


Flip the HTC PDA phones around and the backside of the phone has only the camera lens and battery cover, which users note is very difficult to take off. The standard 1100 mAh Li Ion battery resides behind the cover, as well as the SIM card and 1GB microSD memory card slots. The rear-firing speaker is also visible behind a small circular grille, and has a crisp and loud sound to it.

Other features include built in WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0, a MP3 player, voice-recognition software, EDGE data capability, and all the standard software included with Windows Mobile Professional.

The 2.0 megapixel camera has an 8x zoom and video-recording capability. It has pretty standard features including 5 preset picture modes and 4 quality settings, a self-portrait mirror, and a self timer, though no flash is available for nighttime use. Picture quality is average. Users also note that the phone must be very still for a crisp image, as any instability will result in a blurry picture. Finally, video playback proves to be subpar with pixilated frames and poor sound recording.

The phone’s biggest feature, TouchFlo, has a fresh and appealing look to it compared to other Windows run phones, and many common applications are just a touch away in this 3d “sweep” main menu. The phone can also differentiate a finger tap from swipe, and this makes menu navigation a breeze with the use of figure gestures. Users note that the TouchFlo software is very intuitive to use and takes only minutes to become comfortable, though its use in Windows applications will take more time getting used to. Overall, TouchFlo is a step in the right direction, but does not penetrate the Windows software enough to really change the user’s interaction with the phone as a whole. However, dialing phone calls on the Touch is very easy with a large and spacious virtual dial pad.

Battery life is one of the HTC Touch phones strong suits, with very high for Windows Mobile standards 5 hour talk time and 200 hour standby.

The HTC Touch smartphone comes packaged in an elegant black gift box, with the pseudo-suede interior housing the phone and included ear bud headphones. Very modern indeed, the packaging compliments the overall theme of the Touch being a stylish yet high tech device. Also included in the box are the USB sync cable, ac/dc charger, neoprene slip cover, 1GB microSD card, spare stylus, HTC user manuals and getting started guide, and the software CD.

In conclusion, the HTC PDA phones prove to be a very fashion forward phone, with a sleek and sexy appearance, especially for smart phone standards. However, some of the emphasis placed on the style of the phone seems to have taken away from some of it's functionality.

Great battery life, commendable sound quality, a wonderfully attractive design, a long list of features, and the new TouchFlo interface surely make the HTC Touch an interesting and exciting phone.

HTC Touch (Sprint)

The HTC Touch